Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Are you there Uterus? It's me, Amanda...

Fertility treatment is supposed to be the magical solution. So why didn't mine work?

I tried to conceive naturally for a year and nothing happened.
Sperm got into a fight with Egg and refused to even touch her.
I went to the fertility doctor to seek out that magical cure.
I started with fertility drugs but that didn’t work.
I felt relieved to try an IUI because I knew that would be my magical fertility cure.
Umm...my uterus didn’t get the memo.
Although I have not yet, I might someday have to bite the bullet (not literally) and spend my life savings (If I ever have one) on IVF.
Finally, IVF will be my magical fertility solution and I know that would definitely work. How could it go wrong? The doctors actually stick the sperm right inside the egg!
So what happens when my magical IVF cure doesn’t work? After all, if I would be in IVF land (sort of like Disneyland but with more bumpy roller coasters), there is nowhere else to go.

Sometimes, fertility treatments, IUI and IVF do not work on the first try. There is no magical explanation although I search for the answer on Google. Maybe I'll have to do it a couple times or even more...
When it doesn’t work on the first time, it's hard not to lose faith and hope, but natural pregnancies don’t typically work on the first month so just because I paid all this money and screwed up my body with fertility drugs, doesn’t mean my uterus got the message!

When magical cures don’t happen on the first try, miracle wonders will, no doubt, occur later on...

So for now, while waiting for the magic to happen, I am working on a couple things. Losing some weight is number one. I have lost about 10 pounds or so, but my goal is to lose about 15 more. Getting my BMI out of the overweight range can only help my situation. I'm also taking the advice of some very knowledgable friends, and my favorite Aunt Nurse, and seeing a chiropractor. In some cases, getting adjusted in the lower back area can help a woman get pregnant...who knew? I have to say after my first visit, I'm feeling like my uterus is mad at me...and my shoulders, and hips, and everything else...I sure am sore!
I've also decided I'm no longer going to let infertility consume me. It's not going to be the first thing I think of when I wake up, or the last thing that comes to mind before bed. I'm going to continue my dieting, exercising, chiropractoring, hoping, wishing, dreaming, and praying...but for a respectable portion of the day. ;-)

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  1. I never would have thought about getting adjusted?! Thank you for teaching me something new today!

    Always thinking about you!