Tuesday, December 11, 2012

7 Months Old!!!

Carson David, you are 7 months old already. Time is just flying by with you. You are more and more fun everyday.

We didn’t have a well baby this month, but you weigh roughly 18.5 lbs. and are about 27.5 inches long. You’re nice and solid still. J

You are learning and growing and changing. You love to laugh and smile, and babble and jabber all the time. Everything is ah da da ba ba goo, and it’s so adorable.

You are still loving your baby good. However, I think we have discovered an intolerance to oatmeal. Hopefully it just stays an intolerance, since there hasn’t been any hives, just vomiting. L We are hoping for no wheat allergies.

You are starting to show interest in what Mom and Dad are eating. You are also starting to get the hang of the sippy cup. I give you a little bit of water in it with your baby food.

You have started to put the bottle/cup in your mouth by yourself, but you aren’t able to figure out you need to tip it to get the good stuff to come out.


At 7 months old, you can/are:


-wearing size 3 diapers

-wearing mostly 9 month clothes, although a few 6-9 month still fit, and a few 12 month still fit, and you are starting to grow out of 9 month pants.

-eating 6 ounces per bottle, sometimes a little more. Also eating 1.5 to 2 containers of stage 2 baby food a day.

-sleeps through the night most of the time, but sometimes wakes up once or twice and wants his paci

--can sit up unsupported for a few minutes at a time, but we are always close by. He’s working right now on pulling himself up, when he’s laying down, but so far hasn’t been successful.

-when on his tummy, he acts like he’s swimming. So far, no tucking under of his legs or trying to crawl.

-He still loves to be held and snuggled, and would be content to do that most of the day.

-LOVES his jumperoo and would stay in it all the time if we let him.

-HAS 2 TEETH!!!  They erupted a couple weeks ago and now are almost fully through. The two bottom ones in the front. He drools and wants to chew on things ALL THE TIME so I’m sure we’re not far away from more.

-Rolls from back to tummy multiple times daily, but still doesn’t want to go back the other way. Instead he just gets mad until you roll him back over.


Carson, I love you so much! Thanks for making each day a little bit brighter