Monday, April 25, 2011


Well, I went in for an ultrasound today to check and see how the follicles were developing. Turns out I have a big cyst on my right ovary, but nothing that looks like it is going to release an egg again. ;-(
My doctor feels like he is wasting my money if he keeps continuing to treat me with this stuff, because it's not working. So, he said the next step it to see a fertility specialist, and do injectibles.
However, those run approximately $2,000 per cycle, so that is something that is just not in our future anytime soon...unless anyone comes upon a money tree with my name on it. ;-)
He said we could always get lucky, it did happen once before with no treatment. And he also said that while I was not very heavy, studies have shown that people with PCOS have a better chance of ovulating on their own if they lose 10% or so of their body weight. Usually that works with women who are heavier than me to start with, but it can't hurt. And it doesn't cost any money!
I'm down about 10 pounds from when I started seeing him, so if I lose another 1-12 more, that would be about 10% or so. He thought maybe around 150 would be a good goal. If I can get the weight off and ovulate on my own, we might be able to get pregnant on our own, plus, there's not so much drugs in my system that way.
I kind of feel like after 14 months of treatment, all of them being on one kind of medication or another, my body is just saying enough is enough. It's confused, mad, and doesn't want anymore interventions for awhile. Not sure if that's really even possible, but I don't know why it couldn't be.
I'm trying not to be too down about it...there's really nothing I can do, except try to lose some weight, and try to save some money in case that doesn't work. I can't change the way my body is. But it just makes me feel so bad that the whole reason we can't have a baby is MY fault!

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