Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Poem for my Son

My dear child, you need to know
How much we wanted you
The things we did, the money we spent
To make our dreams come true

We tried and tried by ourselves for awhile
Thinking it would happen soon
Then we went to the doctor and had some tests
And discovered some saddening news

Having you wasn’t going to come easy
We had to give patience a try
We did what they said and prayed every month
And wished on every star in the sky

The days and weeks turned into months
And the months turned into years
We tried many things, to no avail
The end result was just more tears

All the pills, the shots, the ultrasounds
Nothing worked out the way we hoped
We finally decided to stop for a while
We needed some time to cope

Then one fateful day the whole world changed
There were two lines instead of one
You were growing inside at that moment in time
All the crying was finally done

We couldn’t wait to meet you
And see your precious smile
To know that all the tests and tears
Would finally be worthwhile

It was a long 10 months while you grew and grew
But there were so many special things along the way
We heard your heart beating and then felt you kick
Those were some amazing days

And when you were finally ready to make
Your grand entrance into our hearts
It was a long and very difficult time
But then again, it was from the start

When they pulled you out and we heard that first cry
It was the most amazing sound to our ears
After all the time spent wishing and waiting
Our little miracle was finally real

Being a parent is the world’s best gift
If only we could freeze these moments in time
You will never know how much I love you
Sweet little child of mine


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