Friday, June 15, 2012

Funny Friday

We all do it. We laugh at things we know we shouldn't or things that are wrong, or even things we may be guilty of ourselves. Here's a list of some of the funniest things we know we shouldn't laugh at but do anyway.

1. Ugly Babies

2. People who walk with something heavy in one hand and have to lean really far the other way to balance themselves.

3. When someone turns around and goes back the same way they were coming.

4. Cops riding anything except police cars: Bicycles, Boats, and especially Horses.

5. People who say stupid things but really mean them.

6. Girls that wear belts that have no function and are not even attached to anything.

7. Cats wearing clothes.

8. People who animatedly sing in their car.

9. Fanny packs.

10. Guys who drive with their shirts off.

11. When you tell someone to watch out and they don’t.

12. People who have full protective gear on when they ride a bicycle or roller blade (kneepads and everything).

13. When you catch someone talking to them selves.

14. Stupid car horns.

15. Clowns and mascots. Not because they are funny, but because they are sad. And scary.

16. When someone turns around to say something to the person they are with and find that they aren’t there anymore.

17. Anytime someone runs into something.

18. The plural of “Salami"

So what does everyone else laugh at that they shouldn't?

1 comment:

  1. Someone running into something or someone falling!