Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The First Year...

 A year of shared discovery,
milestones for you and me.
These special baby firsts
leave the sweetest memories.

Your first day of life you entered
a big world – bright and new.
I discovered life’s great miracle,
and watched my dreams come true.

Your first bath you experienced
warm water and shampoo
I enjoyed soft baby skin,
and its sweet heavenly perfume.

With your first smile you responded
to a grown-up’s silly patter.
I realized when you smiled,
all else ceased to matter.

Your first tooth you welcomed
with a grin and happy cheer.
I treasured your new feature
as a prized baby souvenir.

With your first steps you found
independence from my hand.
I learned I’d have to watch you fall,
in order that you stand.

Your first birthday you discovered
your first cake and birthday song.
I discovered your first year,
had too quickly come and gone.

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